Benefits of New Google Privacy Policy

New Privacy Policy from Google – The new Google privacy policy is finally in place, the buzz in the technology world has yet to die down.  But what more and more people are beginning to realize is that Google’s new privacy policy will benefit them.

Ever since Google first announced the changes, which took effect March 1, there have been rumors about how the cloud-service provider was gearing up to invade privacy.  But these rumors are as far from the truth as possible.  Once you take the time to actually read about the changes and understand what the new policy means, it becomes clear that the changes are for the positive and will only improve user experience.

Now that the changes are in place, Google has one, large privacy policy for the large majority of its services whereas it previously used separate policies for each platform.  This change is pretty simple, but it allows Google to significantly enhance the online experience of every Google user. Google can do this by offering more personalized services.

Implications of the New Google Privacy Policy

The new privacy policy enables them to view your activity across all of its services together, so it can see how you, as a single user across many Google platforms, spend your time online and what search results and features you generally gravitate toward.  This change allows Google to get a more complete view of your internet usage than ever before, which in turn allows it to offer a more tailored online experience.

Because they now has a better idea of what services you usually use and, more importantly, how you tend to use them, it can personalize these services for you.  For example, as they learn your interests, it will begin to show you advertisements that fall within these categories rather than ones that are irrelevant to you.  Additionally, Google may begin to correct frequent spelling errors you make or offer suggested contact lists when you go to share content.  Another move to more personalized services is the search results you’ll get from Google.  According to Google, it will now know exactly what you’re looking for when you type in a generic search term that has multiple meanings.  On top of this, Google will also begin to offer you the type of result that you use the most often.

Since the new privacy policy brings all of Google’s platforms together, it will also enable these wide variety of services to work together for your benefit.  Simply put, this means that the different Google platforms will be able to communicate with one another.  For example, if you use both Google Calendar and Maps, you may get a notification from them that you’re going to be late for an appointment.  This is possible because Google Maps knows where your destination is and where you are along the way while Google Calendar knows what time you have to be there.  By putting this information together, Google can inform you if you’ll make it on time.

Google Privacy Policy effect

So how soon will it be before you start to really see the effect of all these changes?  That depends on how many Google services you use and how often you use them.  If you have Google Apps and use a number of Google services like Gmail, Search, Google+, and Google Maps daily, then you’ll receive an extremely personalized experience and will see these relatively quickly.  This is because the extent of Google’s personalized results relies on the number of Google platforms you use and how often you use them since Google is using on the information provided by you.

If you’re a little wary about the changes and have certain information you simply don’t want Google knowing, there are still ways to use Google platforms without have your data tracked.  This includes chatting “off the record,” using the incognito window in the Google Chrome web browser, and simply signing out of your Google account to conduct a search.

Despite all the hype, there really is nothing to worry about when it comes to Google’s new privacy policy.  To allay any nerves and view your account how Google sees it, simply log into your Google Dashboard for a snapshot of your activity across all of Google services.  Once you truly understand the changes and what they mean for you, and especially once you begin to see more personalized services, it’s clear that Google’s new privacy policy is for the best.

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