DiskDigger Free Data Recovery Software Download

DiskDigger is a free data recovery software. It’s easy-to-use that helps in many cases and works with equal efficiency when compared to other similar but expensive recovery program tools.

What is DiskDigger?

DiskDigger is something more than the usual undelete utility programs offered and projected as the product leader. It goes into the integrated file system to check and recover data on a sector-by-sector basis from the users hard drives, thumb drives, etc. The sectors in our hard drive are like little areas of information containing arranged data. These data are integrated in the tracks on our hard drive.

diskdigger downloadDiskDigger is very easy to use. First we have to select a drive, and then select the types of files we want to be recovered for example – mp3, jpeg, pdf, documents, etc. then click next. When DiskDigger was tested inside our VMWare virtual machine, it didn’t recognize the virtual hard drives, but it did find the trashed drive. The unique feature is that it even found files in it and recovered them.

If you have been using a paid version of any data recovery software you will notice that freewares don’t actually work out but DiskDigger has all that it takes to position itself as a market leader.

The benefits that an user can get by using this unique software is enhanced with the help of it’s “dig deeper” technology.

Digging Deeper with DiskDigger

According to DiskDeeper – The “dig deeper” mode causes DiskDigger to become a powerful data carver, and carve out whatever files it can find on the disk, independent of the file system.  Data carving refers to physically scanning every single sector on the disk, and looking for traces of known file types.

The main advantage of this mode is that it’s independent of the file management system that is installed on the disk, so the disk can be formatted to any type such as NTFS, FAT, HFS, ext2, or anything else; it doesn’t matter. What DiskDigger does is that it scans “underneath” the file system, which gives it an additional search and recover advantage of being able to scan any free space on the disk outside of the file system, which the “dig deep” mode in DiskDigger cannot do.