Facebook improves Facebook News Feed

New improvement in Facebook News Feed

The best social network – Facebook has recently created some adjustments as to how we would deal with our own news feed. Facebook has always been active in terms of social media technology.

So when we joined Facebook to find and add good old friends in a way in which we didn’t know for years or maybe liking those special brands with new close friends with common interests, Facebook has updated their system so that we won’t notice any activity from all of them in our news feed.

Reason for adjustments in Facebook News Feed

The reason for this adjustment is due to Facebook has introduced new system criteria to be altered for the default news feed. Facebook hasn’t declared when this change will be in place.

The implication of this update to the News Feed will mean that we won’t be able to see all the updates from our pals. No more activity will be visible from our Friends.

Benefits of this improvement in Facebook News Feed

Since there are always two sides of a coin, we have advantages even for this update too! Imagine the privacy we will get from those friends that we truly didn’t want to be friends with. We don’t want to unfriend them cause that might hurt their feelings. Further more, we would have to inform them that we didn’t want to be Facebook friends right in the first place. So, now we won’t have profile stalkers, or Girl Finders that form a major part of everybody’s Friends List. The newest default for the Facebook feed can isolate them from our Facebook status updates.

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