Fewer Mobile Phone Models in 2012 Review

Mobile Phone Companies thinking of fewer launches

“Mobile Phone” just one word and we have over thousands of options to choose from! Starting from the entry level mobile phone segment to the high end ones. Every Mobile Phone manufacturer is trying to have a big share of the tech pie. So now, Mobile Phone makers are wondering if the consumers are taking mobile phone(s) for granted. More options means they are easily overwhelmed. As a result, the top line of these companies have decided to cut down the rate of production of new mobile phone launches.

That means, for us, consumers there will be fewer new mobile phone models to choose from in this 2012.

So what does the mobile phone experts have to say –

Some mobile phone experts are hoping they might see Global giants reduce the number of new launches this year. While speaking at CES, 2012; Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha exclaimed that Motorola plans to produce fewer phone models for 2012. The reason behind this is because research has shown that so many different varieties of mobile phone(s) are ultimately confusing the consumers when they enter a mobile phone shop to purchase a brand new product.

Even HTC is walking along the same path of reducing their new phone launches. In a conversation with Drew Bamford, vice president of user experience at HTC, “It’s a goal to have less phones“.

Here’s what Ryan Bidan, director of product marketing at Samsung, had to say, “Sheer SKU proliferation is a problem“. While discussing the threat to general mobile phone consumers, he said that the exact number of new mobile phone models count for Samsung wasn’t yet known for the year 2012.

Who’s gaining from this mobile phone turmoil –

Guess who? It’s none other than “Microsoft“. While Microsoft is not actively present in the mobile phone hardware segment, it’s hoping to see an increase in the number of mobile phone models running Windows Phone. But the momentum at which Microsoft is working out to its competitors might just be relatively new entrant to the market and so it isn’t available on many present mobile phone models yet.

One of Microsoft’s director,¬†Aaron Woodman stated that they have a stated objective to have a broader selection of handsets running Microsoft Windows Phone on the market.

Overall, Year 2012, is again gonna be a tough time for Mobile Phone manufacturers.

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