Google Screenwise|Earn from Google by browsing the web

Google to pay users for browsing the internet

Google has developed a program where they intend to pay users for simply browsing the online web. They have termed it as Google Screenwise. This project was created with an aim to extract valuable user information, their surfing habits and create a valuable database of useful resources.

But this new project has attracted lot of criticisms. Google Screenwise was aimed at paying online web users to just browse the Internet, with Google’s eyes monitoring their every single move.

Google Screenwise Program

This new program will be paying the volunteer or rather better termed as online “panellists” to an extent of Amazon gift cards worth of $25. A simple signup includes a complimentary voucher of $5. The upscale to their current position in the panel however depends on the time they spend. It also depends on the length of their stay on board.

After signing up, the participant will have to download a simple browser extension. This will enable Google to keep track of his/her online movement in much greater detail than what they could have previously.

The Age bar for new Participants will be Age 13. Anyone more than that can apply but those that are younger than 18 will need parental consent.

What’s new in Google

With the number of negative responses increasing in their front they are planning to introduce new privacy policy from the 1st March.

This change in their privacy rules would allow the Internet Giant to share information about users between their in-house services like YouTube and Gmail.

If this online project is implemented then it would be an addition to the existing product line of Google.

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