Google Simplifies 2-Step Verification Procedure for Gmail and Google Apps

Google’s two-step verification procedure just got simpler! It looks like Google will be bidding farewell to the 2-step authentication and verification as they follow in the footsteps of Facebook and Twitter by introducing a notification method as a means of login verification. This is an attempt to make the procedure a lot faster by making use of a simple push notification instead of having to wait for a 6 or 8 digit verification code.

The two-step verification is when an SMS code is sent to you to verify your identity when using a new application and using the same Gmail account. This demands that you verify your identity with something that is known to you, like your login ID and password, and with something which you have in your possession, like your smart phone or tablet. Although secure, it’s quite an annoying and irritating procedure when having to log into a new application on your phone. The new push notification login verification is a step in the right direction as it will change things for the better.

google 2-step verification features

If you haven’t enabled Google’s 2-Step Verification Process then check out the official site –

This will be making its way to both Android and iOS. iPhone users will have to go the extra mile and install the Google Search app in order for it to work. Termed as Google Prompt, a pop-up message will appear on screen, displaying the name and profile picture of your set Google account, along with the location from which it is currently being accessed. Below this are two options, one for allowing the user to sign-in and the other denying the user access. So all you have to do is simply click to sign-in and you’ll be signed in. The good news for Android users is that Google Prompt is installed into Google Play Services, which is already installed by the manufacturer on every Android device. Just update to the latest version and your phone will be able to make use of Google’s newest login feature.

For those who take security seriously and are still in favor of going through Google’s two-factor verification process, then under the account settings of your phone or tablet you’ll be able to add Google Prompt either as an extra safeguard to the two-step verification or to replace the two-step verification altogether. While the former would be more secure, the latter which is Google’s one-tap confirmation, is way faster.

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