Hyperloop Pods will have Vibranium Coating

Vibranium is the new material that will be used for Hyperloop capsules. Remember the public demonstration of the Hyperloop One? The mode of transportation that would revolutionize travel altogether. As per the Hyperloop Facts – this technology uses a pod through a tube which travels at close to 800 miles per hour. However, this company is just one of the companies who are trying to capitalize of the futuristic vision of Elon Musk. Its main competitor, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, recently revealed that their capsule will be covered with a unique kind of coating, a smart carbon fiber. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies in close collaboration with Slovakian materials and equipment firm c2i, have intelligently engineered this new carbon fiber which they call ‘vibranium’.

Vibranium? Wait! What? Bears a striking resemblance? Well, it’s the exact same name given to the fictional material used to craft Captain America’s shield and Black Panthers strong metal claws. This is not a new element added to the periodic table and is certainly real unlike the one mentioned in the Marvel comics. The vibranium to be used supposedly contains a series of highly engineered sensors which will be used for monitoring stability, temperature, and integrity. Information regarding the pod will be sent to the headquarters through the use of these sensors.

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies claims that material is almost ten times stronger than steel and is as light as a feather when compared to aluminium, being five time lighter than it. The Hyperloop capsules will have an inside as well as an outside coating of the new strong material, vibranium. The interior and exterior of the capsules will be well guarded to ensure the safety and protection of all the passengers using the capsule as a quick mode of transportation. This new material isn’t all that new as it has been used in the transportation sector and has even been used in commercial airlines.

Elon Musk’s insistence on making it an open source technology has fostered a spirit of competition between Hyperloop One and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies. Owing to this, we might see the Hyperloop coming into existence faster than we expected it to. Since innovation takes time, all we can do is wait and hope that this life changing mode of transportation will indeed be as fascinating as we expected it to be.

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