How to Increase your WiFi Signal Range

WiFi is a popular, yet simple form of technology that allows an electronic device to connect to other device and exchange data wirelessly. The entire system is carried out with the help of radio waves. Usually users use their computers to connect to their wifi enabled devices.

WiFi is a local area network that uses high frequency radio signals to transmit and receive data over distances of a few hundred feet. This kind of technology uses ethernet protocol.

How to Boost WiFi Signal Range Using Simple Technology

Increase your WiFi signal range by simply utilizing an Aluminum Foil technology. A piece of this incredible element can enhance your WiFi connectivity to a great extent. This unique technology is also considered to be the cheapest and the easiest way to boost your WiFi signal coverage.

increase wifi signal range
In order to achieve this level of technology all you need is an Aluminum Foil or a Tin Can. Products like empty Beer or Soda Can can also work. Our objective is to place the foil behind the WiFi antenna of your wireless WiFi router. The advantage of this technology is that it can positionally direct the WiFi signals to the direction you place it. This actually boosts the overall WiFi Signal quality.

For this technology model to work, we can either use Cans or Aluminum Foils but cans are better. They provide firm support to the directional parameter. The can’s inner body provide more support and larger area for directing the WiFi signals from your router.

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