LastPass 1.8 Software Review

What is LastPass?

LastPass is the best Freeware utility software that makes remembering multiple site login passwords easy! LastPass is a separate software that integrates into the common web browsers to give the user easy access to lengthy passwords.

Remembering Passwords can be easy to the point until you try to think the number of passwords you already have created for each of those individual site logins. It is one of those efficient utility freewares that doesn’t poke the user everytime it signals a keystroke in a SSL connection.

It provides the user with saving the passwords in an encrypted format for added security.

How does LastPass work?

Once LastPass is installed, it lets you create an account for yourself. When creating an account it requires the user to select a master password for accessing the different levels of LastPass. After this, the user is all set to run the freeware.

When the freeware is in working mode it is visible only as a gray icon in the user’s web browser bar. This changes to red if the user goes into logged mode in the app.

The user can choose to stay logged in when he/she closes the web browser on a secured PC.

When browsing the Internet, LastPass springs back to life when the user enters an username and password. The freeware automatically detects the type of page and knows if the user is currently filling into any kind of online Web form. The freeware reacts by providing a drop-down menu bar. This asks the user whether he/she would like to save the login info in its encrypted vault. The user can also assign it to a particular group for easier access.

When the user returns back to that site, it automatically enters the login information for the user.

Is LastPass SAFE?

LastPass freeware has been developed keeping in mind the safety reasons available to an user. It has been developed to be a stable cloud-based password manager. It not only syncs the user’s encrypted data with its available servers, but also saves a full encrypted backup copy on the user’s local machine.

Overall, LastPass seems to be turning out to be a tough competitor for RoboForm.

To try out LastPass click on Download LastPass

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