How to Take a Screenshot on LG G4 Phone

So how to take a screenshot on the LG G4 phone? If this particular question has been plaguing you, you’re in the right place as you will soon be finding out how to take a screenshot on the LG G4 stylus. The LG4 screenshot gesture control is slightly different from other smart phones. It does run Android but since they key placement is different, many are unsure of the LG G4 screen capture ability. So do you want to know how to take a screenshot on the LG G4? Screen capture on the LG G4 is possible by using the keys which are placed on the back of the phone.

Android phones usually have different combinations of keys for screen capture. This depends either on the version of Android which the phone is using or the model of the phone itself. We will be telling you how to make a screenshot on the LG4. It’s quite simple actually. All you really have to do is simultaneously press and hold down the volume down and power/lock key and a screenshot will be captured.

How to Take a Screenshot on LG G4 phone

this is how to take a screenshot on lg g4 phoneTaking a screenshot on the LG G4 can be very simple. So to answer your question of how to get a screenshot on the LG G4, simply make use of the two keys positioned at the back of your phone.

So why capture screenshots? A screenshot helps you take a picture of the screen exactly how it appears on your phone. Sometimes this is quite beneficial if one wants to share something online with their friends. This could include a page with information or even a page with images on it. Apart from using the physical buttons on the phones, you can always make use of the LG G4 screenshot gesture for LG. LG G4 gesture can easily be made use of.

This allows you to set up gesture controls for things like taking a screenshot. This is a tad bit easier than using the physical keys on the phone. LG screenshot capture has been simplified due to gesture control. This is in fact a feature which has made this phone as well as other LG phones so popular. Screen capture on the LG G4 with the help of gesture control makes it very convenient. This allows one to choose between using the physical buttons, volume down and power key or simply using a gesture.

There’s nothing complex to it and we hope that your question regarding how to make a screenshot on LG G4 has been answered.

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