LibreOffice 3.4.4 OpenSource Office Suite Review

LibreOffice OpenSource Office Suite Review – LibreOffice is a new OpenSource office suite that comes with rich features to compete against LibreOffice was released by the Document Foundation after the result of a corporate split up between community, and Oracle.

Features of LibreOffice OpenSource Office Suite

Since it’s a resultant product from OpenOffice, LibreOffice is an OpenSource software which includes

  • The Writer as its word processor.
  • The Calc – defined as a spreadsheet module
  • The Impress – specially designed for presentations
  • The Draw – used for sketching and drawing diagrams
  • The Base – derives its name from database. Its mainly coded for managing and creating front end database applicability, and,
  • The Math – which is a simple mathematical equation editor.

The LibreOffice is available in over 31 International Languages. For those wishing to migrate from their Microsoft Office to this new OpenSource office suite, this offers strong support for Microsoft standards. The ones that are supported – Microsoft Office Open XML, Microsoft Office, Open Document Format, and PDF formats.

With this new advanced LibreOffice version a portable version of the OpenSource office suite was recently launched for removable, USB, and cloud drives. This will be enabling users to take their data and the software wherever they go.

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