Microsoft and Nokia to invest around €18 Million in Mobile App Development Program

Microsoft and Nokia strengthens their App Development Fraternity – Microsoft and Nokia have announced that as per their international business strategy each one of them will be investing up to a sum of 9 million euros, which translates to the tune of $11.9 million. This huge sum will be used to develop a new mobile app development program, primarily known as the “AppCampus”. This mobile app development program is situated in Nokia’s home country – Finland. This app development program will be launched in May. The prime focus will be given to attract entrepreneurs and students from all around the globe. It will be managed and administered by Aalto University. Both Microsoft and Nokia hopes to develop a better business proposition for Microsoft Windows Phone and Nokia Symbian, Nokia Symbian S40 platforms.

From the global perspective it appears that students from Finland that are based at Aalto University will be beneficiaries to most of the mobile app development program.

Nokia and Microsoft to invest in the Future of Android App Development

Although Nokia has been trying to gain the majority of it’s Smartphone production. The business strategic decision to switch over to Microsoft Windows Phone combined with the present Mobile App Development system of Microsoft has slowed down to bring in big corporates. The present Microsoft Windows Phone Marketplace houses at around 70,000 applications but they lack popular mobile gaming titles like Angry Birds, Angry Birds Space, Draw Something, and Instagram. Mobile App Developers are now marking their mobile gaming platform as a low level priority for this year of global economic slowdown. The entry of Microsoft’s public investment is an optimistic sign that the computing giant is definitely serious about reversing this slowdown trend initiated by the mobile app developers.

Microsoft aims to capture the maximum market share of mobile app development with proper training, support, and even funding for the star projects.

Android App Development plays tryst with Microsoft and Nokia

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 may have acquired the 70,000 mobile app development milestone, but with big gaming mobile app developers like Rovio (of Angry Birds fame) its own priority base is not treating their customers well.

This new move by Microsoft and Nokia will initiate a new beginning for the entire mobile app development world.

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