Norton Internet Security 2012

Norton Internet Security 2012 – 5 Users

Norton Internet Security 2012

  • Browser Protection
  • Network Threat Protection
  • Detect and eliminate online threats
  • Norton Protection System
  • SONAR 4 Behavioral Protection

Norton Internet Security protects against online threats.Stop viruses, spyware, online identity theft, and more with the powerful protection of Norton Internet Security. Able to quickly detect and eliminate online threats, Norton Internet Security uses four unique layers of protection to prevent threats from ever reaching your computer, without slowing you down. Plus it gives you easy access to Norton Online Family so you can protect your kids from online dangers. Superior protection with fast scan speeds and low impact on your PC’s performance. So you can surf, shop, bank, and socialize online safely, without annoying slowdowns or interruptions.

Norton Internet Security 2012 adds new features that enhances your PC performance. Norton has integrated the basic use of cloud performance providing some tweaks to the interface. All these new features doesn’t necessarily indicate a major overhaul but the addition of new tweaks and tools enable the software to be used efficiently.

A new Startup Manager lets you decide which applications to run on startup and which to prevent from running in order to speed up startup (and potentially improve performance). It’s far more useful than the system startup tools built into Windows, because it provides details about each application and also gives you features missing in Windows, such as the ability to delay programs that run on startup, not just stop them altogether.

In Norton Internet Security 2012, Norton Insight has added a rating for each application’s stability level, again based on other people’s usage. Ratings include Very Unstable, Unstable, Slightly Unstable, Stable and Reliable. Because you can see both the stability and trust ratings in a single list – along with resource usage – it’s easy to see at a glance how each app rates.

Competing with the overall Norton Internet Security protection we have Kaspersky Pure.

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