Nintendo’s Pokemon Go and Plus Wearable Accessory will Cost $35

Nintendo’s Pokémon Go Plus Wearable is all set to rock the tech world. Kids growing up in the 1990’s will remember the Pokemon games which they would play on their Nintendo Gameboy. The company is going to take things a little further and make it more enjoyable. They are releasing an application called Pokemon Go which will allow you to capture and collect pocket monsters on the fly. All you need is a smartphone and you’re ready to go. In addition to this, the company has also created a new wearable which is as unique as it is unusual. In order to make the game more enjoyable, engaging, and immersive, a wearable now accompanies the game.

The Pokemon Go wearable, known as the Pokemon Go Plus, will allow you to play the game without having to actually look at your phone all the time. While it isn’t necessary to own it in order to play the game, the company believes that the gameplay experience will be enhanced when accompanied by the wearable. This will give players a real-life like feel and will allow gamers to capture and battle Pokemon by exploring the real world. At E3, Nintendo revealed the price of the Pokemon Go Plus.

The Pokemon Go wristband will come at a price tag of $35, this wearable accessory isn’t very reasonable, as it costs almost the same as some the latest Nintendo 3DS titles.

How will Pokemon Go Plus work?

The Pokemon Go Plus connects to your phone via Bluetooth and has quite a fashionable strap. This wearable can be worn in the same manner as any other wearable or wristwatch. It doesn’t take a genius to understand how it’s used as it makes uses of certain color indicators. If you see the light blinking blue, you’ll know there’s a Pokemon somewhere close to you. All you have to do to catch it is to press the button on the Pokemon Go Plus. A rainbow color blinking combination will imply that you have been able to successfully capture the Pokemon while a red blinking light would serve to indicate that the attempt made to capture the Pokemon was unsuccessful.

Pokemon Go would be released sometime in July!

You can now catch and capture Pokemon on your way to work. Although Nintendo didn’t give an exact release date for the application, they did mention that the Pokemon Go Plus wearable would be released by the end of July. This is definitely a step in the right direction but will also come at quite a cost.

As per Nintendo’s update Pokémon GO will be available for free download at the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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