Russia considers Hyperloop like Project to Link Moscow and St. Petersburg

The Hyperloop has lately been the subject of a ton of discussion. Elon Musk’s innovative technology is truly revolutionary. It definitely seems like everyone wants to play a part in it and make use of use advanced technological means as a medium of transportation. Russia wants in and is considering a $12 billion Hyperloop project which is supposed to link Moscow and St. Petersburg, a distance of about 650 kilometres. The Russian Minister of transport, Maxim Sokolov, confirmed this in press briefing which took place sometime in the month of May, 2016. This would possibly be the largest transport link, using the Hyperloop to link western and eastern ends as well as the northern and southern ends of the country.

It appears that Russia would not have to pay as much for the implementation of such a technology when compared to western price standards. Zaitsev claimed that while according to western standards the price would be $21 billion, for Russia it would be $12 billion. This Hyperloop project has gained the support and approval of an international economic development service operator, Gordon Atlantic.

Zaitsev further explains –

At the opening phase, which has been funded by [Gordon Atlantic], we have managed to create magnetic levitation to lift any weight. The platform and the container in question are located in St. Petersburg and are available to the public. Supported by the investor, we are now taking final steps in equipping the laboratory where materials to be used in the project will be selected. In the future, however, more significant funding will be required.

There are mainly two U.S based companies who have started development of the Hyperloop. So in order for Russia to make use of the same technology they would have to cooperate with either of the two. The National Railway Company of Russia, Russian Railways, has confirmed its cooperation and association with Hyperloop One for the construction, establishment, and implementation of the Hyperloop from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

In order to proceed with the project, Russian Railways and Hyperloop One collectively established a group to analyse and probe deeper into the concept. This working group was formed a few months back and is now awaiting the outcome of all their testing.

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