Release Date of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Price + Specifications [Rumored]

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 seems to be at the top in the list of rumor spreaders, as every passing day is filling up with the web with multiple rumors regarding the device. As a fan of Samsung’s Note series, you must be having your eye on all these rumors.

Although we are yet to hear anything official about the device, but still, the rumors give us the image what we could get in the upcoming Note 5 device. Just keep reading this post ahead to know that.

Rumored Concept Design of Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Form: Samsung’s users have always complained of getting cheap outer look in the high-end devices. This is something that sets the company back of Apple. As per the rumors, Samsung is working hard to bring premium look in Galaxy Note 5 by using aluminum body in it. This is something highly likely to happen, as without it, company will surely find it hard to get a reputed place in the market.

Display: As per multiple rumors, Galaxy Note 5 will come up with screen size of 5.7 -5.9 inch. If we take the most recent rumors anything to go with, then chances of seeing 5.9-inch Galaxy Note 5 with 4K AMOLED display and 743ppi are quite high. If the device actually comes up with this display specs, then surely it will catch attention of everyone.

Processor and Operating System: This is the part that has got densed up with most rumors. Different rumors have got different stories to say. If we take multiple rumors anything to go with, then we will be seeing an octa core 64-bit chip in the Galaxy Note 5. Well, this is something quite assured thing, as most of the devices getting launched nowadays come up with this. What’s interesting here is the chip that Samsung will use in Note 5. Unfortunately, we are yet to have rumors regarding that.

Talking about the operating system, the Galaxy Note 5 will come up with Android L or Android M OS. Well, some rumors just neglect this claim. It all depends on when Google releases this version of Android. If it gets released after the release of Note 5, then also nothing to worry, as Samsung will surely offer update to it.

Release Date and Price: Most of rumors claim September 3, 2015 as release date of Galaxy Note 5. Talking about the price, we expect to cost anywhere between £550 inc VAT and £599 inc VAT.

Camera: As per rumors, the Primary Camera in Galaxy Note will be 21-megapixels with amazing software features to enhance your smartphone photography experience. The Secondary Camera is rumored to be 6MP. We also have those rumors claiming 5MP front facing camera.

Memory: Rumors suggest that Galaxy Note 5 will come up with 16GB to 128GB memory variants. The RAM will be 4GB.

Battery: 4000mAh is what rumors say will be part of Galaxy Note 5.

Verdict: If the aforesaid rumored features become part of actual device, then of course, Galaxy Note 5 will break the heat of competition. It would be interesting to have an eye on upcoming rumors before making final verdict. Samsung S6 will be release on MWC 2015 with some greater features and do not need to buy extra cases for Galaxy S6.

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