Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Gets June Security Update

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge begins receiving June security update! Android updates have always been a crucial factor. In fact, even while choosing a mobile phone, most people will look towards a phone manufacturing company which is quick to distribute Android updates. Samsung has taken it upon themselves to ensure that users of their flagship devices get timely updates. They have surprised us all by releasing the June update at the end of May. The June update has been spotted on the Samsung S7 Edge in Spain, marketed by none other than Orange. However, this security update will soon be made available for all markets and even on the other variant of the phone, the Samsung Galaxy S7.

However, this isn’t the first time that Samsung has done this. There has been a previous instance in which they released a security update before the scheduled time. Last month the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 received the May security patch ahead of time. This seems to be a good piece of news for many Samsung users. Timely software updates are something which everyone wants. The new update is rather small in size as it is reported that it adds no extra features to the phone or operating system. It simply contains a few security patches for the phone.

Over-the-air updates are likely to roll out in the upcoming week for all users of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Do you remember why monthly security updates become a thing? This was mainly owing to the Stagefright vulnerability which sent many manufacturers into a frenzy. It was after this that companies and users alike became aware of the importance of monthly security patches. Google has since then being release monthly security patches which manufactures roll out to their phones. It seems like Samsung is doing an amazing job with the distribution of the updates.

Wondering how to get this update on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge? Well if you’re not patient enough to wait for the pop up notification on your phone informing you of a new software update, then navigate to the software update tab in the settings menu and click the ‘Download updates manually’ button to check if the June security patch has been released for your phone.

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