Samsung Sell One Million Galaxy Note Smartphones

One Million Galaxy Note Smartphones bring good news for Samsung!

Samsung launched its Galaxy Note smartphone earlier this year in October 2011, and it seems to have been successful considering that the company have just recorded over one million shipments in this short two month period. The device has been selling particularly well in Europe and Asia, and is said to be making solid headway in countries such as France, Germany, Taiwan and Hong Kong. When the device launches to the rest of the world it is expected to have a similar level of success, having “positioned itself as a market creator”, says a Samsung official.

Features of Samsung Galaxy Note Smartphones

The Galaxy Note is being hailed as a hybrid between smartphone and tablet: it measures 5.3 inches, bigger than the former device, smaller than the latter. The Note is capable of performing functions and services of both kinds of mobile technology, running on a powerful 1.4 GHz processor and boasting a 1280 x 800p HD Super AMOLED screen. It also includes a 2MP front facing camera and 8MP rear facing camera, the latter of which can record 1080p HD video. Although touted as a cross between samsung phones and tablet, the Note’s operating system is Android’s Gingerbread, rather than its tablet-oriented OS, Honeycomb. However, Google have confirmed that the device will receive an upgrade to its latest OS, Ice Cream Sandwich, at some point in 2012.

Samsung Galaxy Note upgrades expected

Although the Samsung Galaxy Note’s US release date has not yet been confirmed, consumers are expecting the device to hit American shores within the first half of 2012. The next year presents a lot of exciting opportunities for manufacturer Samsung, with its mobile phones the Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Nexus continuing to sell well whilst rumors of the next Galaxy S update, the S3, are generating a great deal of hype for the (possibly 3D) device. Like the Note, the S2 will also be receiving an update to Ice Cream Sandwich for their Samsung Smartphone.

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