How to Secure your Instagram Account

Symantec has been working actively on Instagram’s security framework. Recently an Intelligence Report from Symantec shows an alarming rise of malicious apps that are being circulated all over the Internet under Instagram’s name. The popular photo application has over 100 million users operating each day, with this kind of an user activity it’s quite important to securely optimize the website’s loopholes. Symantec reports that the applications are vulnerable when an Instagram user uploads photos. The data sent along with the photos has to be handled in much secured manner.

Symantec seems to be working round the clock to protect it’s users from online phishing activities and unrecognizable downloads. The sense of security is important while your using the Instagram App. The systems that are being spread around are known as Malwares. This is one of the techniques that Spammers use to target and infect the user’s systems. The methods used by spammers are really more from a psychological perspective. They make you click their links and aggravate the chances of placing your system on the receptor’s end of the phishing tunnel.

Set of Instagram Security Tips

So once you know how to identify these types of spammers, it’s crucial to create your own set of defenses against them.

  • If your photos are getting lot of unwanted spam comments, then it’s better to switch your profile to private rather than opening up for the public. Going private will ensure that you have the maximum security around your personal photos.
  • While following new people be sure to check out their Friends to get a feel if they are truly legit in their Instagram approach.
  • Short URLs are actually a big problem these days, you just can’t see what’s on the other end. To get a quick sneak peak try running the short link on
  • Last but not the least, you can inform Instagram authorities for your adequate spammer complain and help them fight online spam.

Security Measures For Your Instagram Account

  • Is someone, whom you don’t recognize commenting on your Instagram account?
  • These kinds of comments usually appear as something different from your photos. You will see a clean distinction in this kinds of comments as they appear to unrelated, and usually have “Visit Here” with a link.

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