ShutDown Microsoft Windows Without Installing Windows Updates

Most of the time, when we are in a hurry we tend to shut down our Microsoft Windows as quickly as possible. Imagine a situation when Windows pops up saying that it needs to install the new windows updates and then shut down your PC. Obviously it’s frustrating!

From our consumers and users point-of-view, we might say that would it be too hard for Microsoft to add in an extra function or an “install windows updates later” or “not right now” option to avoid this kinda hassle?

Steps to Bypass the Microsoft Windows Update Program without installing Updates

Now don’t you worry, TechUpdates is here to help you 😉 So, if you see the yellow windows update icon beside the Windows Shut Down button, here’s a cool way to simply bypass it.

So here’s how we do it:

  1. First, we have to shut down all programs so that we have only the Microsoft Windows desktop in view.
  2. Now, go and press Alt+F4 together.
  3. When the Shut Down Windows appear, click on the drop-down menu.
  4. Next, in the list you will find there’s a simple Shut Down option. Simply click on it.

And, you’re done! Microsoft Windows will shut down without installing updates.

A Quick Recap on Microsoft Windows Update

When you’re on the drop-down menu you will find that the “Install Updates” option will be pre-selected. So just press Shut Down option and you’re done!

Microsoft Windows will shut down right away.

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