Download SlimDrivers for Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows stability and functionality depends largely on the software drivers that handles each individual program and software that run on our computer. These software drivers integrates into our hardware components. These hardware components then get integrated into our Operating Systems.

SlimDrivers Updates for Microsoft Windows

Manufacturers release updated drivers for their hardware and software components on a regular basis. Now imagine the amount of complexity we would face updating our Windows with each and every software driver from its respective manufacturer’s website. Most of the drivers get updated on a regular basis, however it is not easy to keep track of them.

SlimDrivers for Microsoft Windows Solution

SlimDrivers takes care of this tedious task for you. The application first scans your computer’s hardware and then check online for available updated drivers. If updated drivers are available, it will ask you to select which ones you want and then download only those setup files.

The windows application can also backup all existing drivers on your system to an external drive – for easy re-installation and rollback if anything goes wrong or in case the system crashes.

SlimDrivers Scheduling Mode

SlimDrivers for Microsoft Windows features a scheduling mode where you can schedule the app to download updates on a specific day and time as per your convenience.

Download Here : SlimDrivers for Microsoft Windows

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