SOCA Takes Down UK Music Blog RnBXclusive

UK Music Blog RnBXclusive taken down by SOCA

SOCA or Serious Organised Crime Agency of the United Kingdom has taken down the country’s music blog –  RnBXclusive. They have seized the domain and have put up a webpage displaying SOCA and the visitor’s IP address along with its Operating System and the current Time. Below that, they have issued a serious threatening message that states a legal warning to anyone that have downloaded music from them.
The exact reason as to why SOCA has deviated from money laundering, drugs and illegal firearms is still not known. But it seems that they are keen on blocking the prolonged erosion of digital rights. move to about a possible 10 year prison sentence for downloading music from the site.

The Legal message from SOCA

Below is a screenshot of the message being displayed at

As you can see above, SOCA threatens that if the visitor is found to have downloaded music from then he/she will be committed to criminal offence. The penalty might be upto 10 years of imprisonment and an unlimited fine under the Law of United Kingdom.

The Real Situation in front of SOCA

With large scale piracy evolving from peer-to-peer networks, accompanied by torrent networks it will be hard for SOCA to establish moral code of online conduct amongst the downloaders.

If we peek in, then apparently it seems that various mp3s were being shared. These shares were not limited to any particular artists but mostly in the HipHop and R&B genre. Now only time will tell how SOCA deals with sites like these in the near future.

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