Top 5 Spy Gadgets that James Bond would use

Clever gadgets that conceal easily or perform special tasks in addition to their usual function are anticipated hallmarks of any James Bond movie. Although the need for just such a gizmo in each episode is somewhat suspicious, many spy gadgets have general uses that have made the jump to real technology that anyone can utilize. Governments and police departments routinely employ modern technological advances to facilitate their causes. Such evidence may be inadmissible in court, but the need for reliable intelligence often trumps the legalities involved.

Types of Spy Gadgets

Real-world spies devote most of their time to gathering intelligence without tipping off the opposition. Even assassins prefer to accomplish their deadly missions in secrecy. The clever gadgets now available cannot be used to blow up tanks, send a cloud of poison gas drifting through a boring cocktail party, or even transform into hovercraft to escape a nagging mother-in-law. They can, however, provide stealthy cover for intelligence gathering, and below is a list of five of the best gadgets consumers can own today. They include hollow spy coins, Wi-Fi analyzers, portable printers and scanners, lighter spy cameras, and a mobile device interceptor.

1) Hollow Spy Coins.

No matter what data is obtained, it must be concealed for protection. People with a micro SD memory card may find the need to conceal important information, so it does not fall into the wrong hands.

A hollowed-out spy coin provides a perfect hiding place for data storage when saved in microchip form. The coin is made from authentic currency, so there is no danger of facing counterfeiting charges, but the coin could be mistaken for real currency so it has drawbacks.

The coins sell for $30, and some people suggest similar coins can be bought at a cheaper price from a magic supply company.

2) Wi-Fi Analyzer

Spies can easily determine which Wi-Fi networks are operating in any area by purchasing the 2.4-GHz spectrum analyzer. The miniature device is the smallest of its kind currently available and can determine signal strength for all the Wi-Fi networks that could be accessed at any given location.

The device can also be used to identify any 12.4-GHz phones, Bluetooths, Zigbee devices, or microwaves operating in the area. The device lacks the capability to listen in on calls, but spies can determine when calls are being made from any given area. The price is reasonable, priced under $100. The device is great for spectrum analysis on a budget. However, the same information is available by trial and error.

3) Portable Printer and Scanner

Printers and scanners go hand-in-hand, and the well-prepared spy must be ready to scan documents in secret and print copies of important information to share with allies. The PrintStik PS910 is a mobile printer that can fit in a pocket, purse, backpack or laptop bag. This device can be a great benefit for spies or salesmen who may need a printer when making routine sales calls. The printer prints three pages per minute, which is a little slow compared with full-size printers.

Battery life limits usage, as does capacity. Long documents cannot be fully copied. An essential accessory is the DocuPen RC800, which is a scanner the size of an ink pen. The scanner can scan a page of text in four seconds and holds up to 100 pages in its memory. The scanner is a better value for busy people who need to scan documents and business cards. Both devices cost quite a bit, at $299 each.

Some real interesting Spy Gadgets

4) Lighter Camera

Phone cameras are readily available, but stealth may be necessary for modern spies. The 1280 x 960 USB Camcorder Hidden Camera Lighter Mini DVR is a great value at only $30 and change.

Spies can record video and audio in real time without giving away their intentions. The camera has USB connectivity for playback. The occurrence of sound activates the video function, which makes it a useful surveillance device.

5) Mobile Device Interceptor

Spies can now turn their existing mobile phones into spy gadgets that can intercept any mobile, Bluetooth, or laptop transmission. The technology is 100 percent legal, and the software can be downloaded and used immediately.

The uses of secret intelligence cannot be underestimated, but there may be times when it is better not to know the truth, and that is the only drawback, and the knowledge that other people can intercept owners’ calls as well. The software works well with all phones currently in operation, and buyers receive software for older and modern phones.

People can even employ the software to make calls from an intercepted phone, making it very useful for spies that want to conceal their origin or whereabouts.

So there you go, 5 real-world gadgets that you can buy that would make James Bond himself a little envious!

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